Untangling Conflicts in the South Caucasus and Moldova: An Agenda for 2013 (On Wider Europe)

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Prospects for Unfreezing Moldova’s Frozen Conflict in Transnistria

Paper statistics. Kelly M. Municipal Reform in the North Caucasus: A Time Bomb in the Making Assess the strategic significance to the international community of the threat of piracy and its links to terrorism in the Strait of Malacca Will South Korea's sunshine policy succeed in bringing reunification through soft-power attraction?

Poverty-stricken Moldova turning towards Europe - Journal

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A threat or an opportunity for Canada? Cui Prodest? Continuity and Realism? To what extent is the maritime environment important to the economic prosperity and influence of the United Kingdom? Will it be a cooperative-competitive or a hostile relationship? When does a successful criminal business model become a political priority to defeat? A Russian Chronology: July - September What lessons about strategy and its relationship to national policy and military doctrine, are illustrated by the Royal Air Force's experience in France and Flanders, May-June ?

Cyber attacks — the significance of the threat and the resulting impact on strategic security China's foreign policy: harmonious world. Is it a mere stratagem, or an abiding policy the world can trust?

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OB60 - Russia: Fragile Stability? Naval power had never played a primary role in the mindset of either the Russian or Soviet leaderships when pursuing Foreign Policy aims. As the architect of the modern Soviet Navy, Admiral Sergei Gor C - Russian Military Reform: Status and Prospects Implications of climate change for food security in east africa: how should governments respond to the threats posed? Economic Transition in the Former Communist Countries in A Strategic Overview Prospects for fossil fuel dependant armed forces; the need for a strategic approach Counterinsurgency and stabilisation: intervention,doctrine and the new orthodoxy Seaford House Papers Foreword How much of a threat is Immigration to United Kingdom National Security at the beginning of the 21st Century?

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Questions of European security. Is there an EU strategy, should there be one? China-India: Emerging global powers - conflict or collaboration? The Arctic region is at a time of Geopolitical transition. Will this transpire through aggressive competition or as peaceful change?

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A contemporary review of western-Iran Relations China and Taiwan: Implications for Security in the Far East Disunited in diversity: The European union's crisis of legitimacy How are strategic decisions affected by psychological and cognitive biases, and how can these effects be avoided? China — Peaceful rise or hidden dragon? What are the likely implications of the financial crisis on the German foreign and defence policy? What are the principal challenges facing security sector reform in Afghanistan?

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    Is cyberspace a source of global insecurity and is a reaction-based strategy really able to harness it for greater effect?

    Security in Shared Neighbourhoods

    Risk, policy and strategy: are they out of alignment in a world moving beyond the nation state? Security advantages for the EU in the event of Turkish accession Will less energy equal more conflict squared for the United States and China? The next generation of veterans: their critical needs and their emerging rights Are sanctions still a valid foreign policy tool in the contemporary international environment?

    Gazprom in Crisis What are the incentives and constraints of China becoming a superpower? The role of the justice sector in security sector reform Where Have all the Soldiers Gone? Russia's Military Plans Versus Demographic Reality How European nations use their forces in the modern world and the implications for force design Prospects for US intervention Russian Environmental Problems The role of China in Africa: an agent for developmental transformation or just neo-colonial exploitation?

    Sovereign Democracy: the Ideology of Yedinaya Rossiya Is globalisation undermining the military capability of the nation state — and does it matter? Pandemic flu — Will the World catch a cold? Combined Operations Pamphlet No. Sir Julian Corbett: how important was his contribution to British maritime strategy in the First World War and how relevant are his ideas to modern warfare? Options for change?