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Hence, at a later date the eighth century B. A large portable tent, or tabernacle, became the center of Israelite worship and sacrifice. With his rule, both the kingship and the priesthood were firmly established at a new national center, Jerusalem. Genesis , JP This hope took root, and the Messianic nature of the Jewish religion became clearly crystallized. Whom did God use to correct the backsliding of Israel? Give an example. As a result, they violated their covenant relationship with God. To correct them and guide them back, Jehovah sent a series of prophets who bore his messages to the people.

Thus, prophecy became another unique feature of the religion of the Jews and constitutes much of the Hebrew Scriptures. Although a remnant responded, the majority of the Jews remained under the influence of Babylonian society.


Jews later were affected by the Persian culture. Consequently, Jewish settlements sprang up in the Middle East and around the Mediterranean. In each community a new form of worship came into being that involved the synagogue, a congregational center for the Jews in each town. Naturally, this arrangement diminished the emphasis on the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.

The far-flung Jews were now truly a Diaspora. The waters emanated from Greece, and Judaism emerged from them with a Hellenistic garment. As a result, the Greek and Jewish cultures went through a blending process that was to have surprising results. So toward the beginning of the third century B.

One example is Philo of Alexandria of the first century C. How does one Jewish author describe the period of the melding of Greek and Jewish cultures?

They proceeded to add Greek reason to Jewish revelation. What was the religious situation among the Jews in the first century C. The Jews were divided into factions. The Sadducees stressed the importance of the temple and the priesthood. Then there were the Essenes, the Zealots, and the Herodians. All were at odds religiously and philosophically. Jewish leaders were called rabbis masters, teachers who, because of their knowledge of the Law, grew in prestige and became a new type of spiritual leader.

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What events drastically affected the Jews of the first two centuries C. Eventually, Jerusalem was decreed totally off-limits to Jews. Without a temple, without a land, with its people dispersed throughout the Roman Empire, Judaism was in need of a new religious expression if it was to survive. More intense study, prayer, and works of piety replaced temple sacrifices and pilgrimages.

Thus, Judaism could be practiced anywhere, at any time, in any cultural surroundings. The rabbis put this oral law into writing, in addition to composing commentaries on it, and then commentaries on the commentaries, all of which together became known as the Talmud. What shift in emphasis took place under the influence of Greek thinking? For example, Greek religious concepts, such as the immortal soul, were expressed in Jewish terms.

Both communities produced Rabbinic scholars whose writings and thoughts form the basis for Jewish religious interpretation until this day. Interestingly, many of the customs and religious practices current today in Judaism really got their start during the Middle Ages. How did the Catholic Church eventually react to the Jews in Europe? In his day, he became one of the Jews most respected by the Gentile world.

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They rejected the idea of a personal Messiah who would lead the Jews back to Israel and began to work on establishing a Jewish State by other means. The Zionist dream came true in with the establishment of the State of Israel, which brings us to Judaism in our day and to the question, What do modern Jews believe? Therefore, a convert becomes part of the Jewish people as well as the Jewish religion. It is a monotheistic religion in the strictest sense and holds that God intervenes in human history, especially in relation to the Jews.

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  7. Jewish worship involves several annual festivals and various customs. According to Dr. In the same way, the Shema excludes the trinity of the Christian creed as a violation of the Unity of God. Death, Soul, and Resurrection. But does this originate in the Bible?

    Jewish mythology

    The one refers to a collective resurrection at the end of the days, i. There is no doctrine of heaven and hell, only a growing concept of an ultimate resurrection of the dead at the end of days. How was the doctrine of the resurrection originally viewed by Jews? What do later writers comment?

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    Later Jewish mystical literature, the Kabbala, even goes so far as to teach reincarnation transmigration of souls , which is basically an ancient Hindu teaching. In Israel today, this is widely accepted as a Jewish teaching, and it also plays an important role in Hasidic belief and literature. Having removed the word from Reform prayer books, it recognizes only the belief in the immortal soul. His life-force returns to God who gave it. What did faithful Hebrews of Bible times believe about future life? About 3, years ago, faithful, suffering Job spoke of a future time when God would raise him from Sheol, or the grave.

    They clearly had sufficient reason to believe that the Sovereign Lord, who counts and controls the stars of the universe, would also remember them at the time of the resurrection. They had been faithful to him and his name. He would be faithful to them. Yet, that has not always been the Jewish position. As Dr. After all, it was God himself who announced his name and told his worshipers to use it. This is emphasized by the appearance of the name in the Hebrew Bible 6, times.

    What have some Jewish authorities stated regarding the use of the divine name? Yet, from the third century B. It has been suggested that the recommendation was based on the desire to distinguish the Israelite from the [non-Jew]. Under the combined pressure of religious opposition and apostasy, the divine name fell into disuse among the Jews. What does the Bible record show about the use of the divine name?

    Second Samuel indicated that the Messiah would be of the line of David.

    Notes on Judaism from a Bahá'í Perspective

    Isaiah prophesied that he would bring righteousness and peace to all mankind. Daniel gave the chronology for the appearance of the Messiah and his being cut off in death. Finally, with the Nazi-inspired Holocaust, many lost their patience and hope. They began to view the Messianic message as a liability and so reinterpreted it merely as a new age of prosperity and peace. Since that time, although there are exceptions, Jews as a whole can hardly be said to be waiting for a personal Messiah.

    Was Judaism wrong for thousands of years in believing the Messiah was to be an individual? Which form of Judaism will aid one in the search for God? Is it ancient Judaism with its trappings of Greek philosophy? Or is it one of the non-Messianic forms of Judaism that evolved during the last years? Or is there yet another path that faithfully and accurately preserves the Messianic hope? There is a big difference. The chronology here presented is based on the Bible text as the authority.

    This figure clearly shows the impact of Jewish proselytism. Orlinsky of Hebrew Union College. Thus it may be that the removal of the Tetragrammaton contributed significantly to the later Christological and Trinitarian debates which plagued the church of the early centuries.