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When Doc wakes one morning, he finds Billy gone and Pat waiting to handcuff him and take him back. Stopping at Rio's, the two men find that Billy has left Rio tied up in sight of water out of revenge. Suspecting that Billy loves Rio even if he himself does not realize it and will return to free her, Pat waits. Sure enough, the Kid comes back and is captured. On the way back to town, however, they find hostile Mescaleros all around. Pat reluctantly frees his prisoners and returns their revolvers after extracting a promise from Doc that he will give them back and make Billy do the same.

They manage to elude the Indians, but Doc refuses to honor his word. As Doc tries to leave with his horse, Billy stops him.

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The two men decide to have a duel, with a pleased Pat expecting Billy to lose. However, as they await the signal the end of a clock signalling eight o'clock , Billy realizes that Doc is a true friend, and moves his hands away from his guns. Doc tries to provoke him, inflicting minor wounds in one hand and both ears, but the Kid still will not fire. The two reconcile. Furious, Pat calls Doc out, despite not having a chance.


Doc makes no attempt to shoot his friend and is fatally wounded. Pat is aghast. After Doc is buried, Pat offers to give Billy their friend's revolvers. He also persuades Billy to give him his guns, saying that he can claim that it is Billy in the grave. The Kid can leave his past behind him and have a fresh start in life.

However, it is all a trick. Pat had removed the firing pins from Doc's revolvers. However, while comparing the guns, he inadvertently switched one of Doc's for his.

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As a result, neither his gun nor Pat's fires. Billy pulls out a second, working gun. He handcuffs Pat, judging that the lawman will still state that Billy is dead rather than admit the Kid left him helpless. As he is riding away, Billy stops and looks back; an overjoyed Rio gets on his horse. In , while filming The Outlaw , Hughes felt that the camera did not do justice to Jane Russell's bust. He employed his engineering skills to design a new cantilevered underwire bra to emphasize her figure. Hughes added curved structural steel rods that were sewn into the brassiere under each breast cup and connected to the bra's shoulder straps.

This arrangement allowed the breasts to be pulled upwards and made it possible to move the shoulder straps away from the neck. As a result, the design allowed for a larger amount of Russell's bosom to be exposed. Contrary to many media reports afterward, Russell did not wear the bra during filming; according to her autobiography, she said the bra was so uncomfortable that she secretly discarded it.

To prevent Hughes from noticing, Russell padded the cups with tissue and tightened the shoulder straps before returning to the set. She later said "I never wore it in The Outlaw , and he never knew. I just told him I did. Although the film was completed in February , Hughes had trouble getting it approved by the Hollywood Production Code Administration due to its emphasis on and display of Russell's breasts. The Production Administration set the standards for morally acceptable content in motion pictures, and ordered cuts to the film.

Hughes reluctantly removed about 40 feet, or a half-minute, of footage that prominently featured Russell's bosom. However, 20th Century Fox decided to cancel its agreement to release The Outlaw ; as a result, Hughes stood to lose millions of dollars.

Ever the resourceful businessman, he schemed to create a public outcry for his film to be banned. Hughes had all his managers call ministers, women's clubs and housewives, informing them about the 'lewd picture' Hughes was about to release. The public responded by protesting and trying to have the film banned, which generated the publicity Hughes needed to establish a demand for the film and get it released. The resulting controversy created enough interest to get The Outlaw into theaters for just one week in , and then it was pulled due to violations of the Production Code.

The film was released widely on April 23, when United Artists premiered the film in San Francisco, where it became a box-office hit. Hughes then sued Classic Film Museum, Inc. When it emerged that The Outlaw had fallen into the public domain in for lack of copyright renewal, the case was settled, with Classic Film Museum agreeing to stop distribution of the two copyrighted titles, and Hughes withdrawing his claim on The Outlaw.

The film was colorized an alteration of a finished work of art twice. The first colorization was released by Hal Roach Studios in The second colorized version, produced by Legend Films , was released to DVD on June 16, , featuring both the newly colorized edition and a restored black-and-white edition of the film. Russell approved of the colorization, stating "The color looked great. It was not too strong, like in many of the early colorized movies that made the films look cheap. Some film critics and historians believe that the film has homosexual overtones to it.

Author Robert Lang writes that the true expression of sexuality in this film comes from the relationship between Doc Holliday and Billy the Kid. He further writes that the film is about "the complications that arise when Doc Holliday falls in love with Billy the Kid, and Pat Garett becomes jealous of the bond that develops between the two men. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the western film.

For the play, see The Outlaw play. For other uses, see Outlaw disambiguation. Listening to this song makes me remember that there is one person that loves me more than anyone in this world, and WHO is willing to help and take all my sins, worries away. I am madly in love with Jesus Christ because He first loved me. I am thankful to have such a faithful friend Him whom I tell everything without being afraid of betrayal. I feel pains and cries a lot when I remember my past. I won election in the university as a hall president and from then I have never had peace. Huge amount of Debt came my way and I was being searched for the money by the Management of the school.

Oh what a way to remind mankind of his weaknesses and mortality? When we accept our weaknesses, He fills us with His power. The tune and lyrics convey the messages of the hymn effectively. It can only be the Holy spirit that has inspired this. Every stanza is overtly rich with messages of God's love and His ever loving calls for the sinner to come to Him.

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I am well blessed. At a point I felt like crying.

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Jesus lover of my soul. I respond to Your love today. I open my entire being to You. Been facing challenges of late, since 2 2 Aug , in SA. So they took advantage of that, he sent gangsters to threaten us, in the mean time my wife not feeling well, having paid the money to a private doc, he didn't do what we requested, rather did otherwise and the money is gone All this in a space of 2 weeks I then remembered this hymn, went into my bedroom, sang it passionately and prayed.

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Jesus, lover of my soul The music cannot be played on your browser. Text Piano Guitar. Comment Your Name. Your Comment. Cancel Comment.

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Oct 28 Sep 17 P New South Wales, Australia. They certainly don't write hymns like this anymore Remember everybody: only in Christ are we all brothers and sisters.