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Before helping to launch N. Focusing on the stories of nine individuals who made this journey, Wilkerson explains how several distinct geographic patterns predominated among the many thousands who migrated during this period of time.

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Mississipians, for example, often made it to Chicago, with many Texans finding their way to Los Angeles. It was the closest truly big city for much of the state. For many black Carolinians, DC was the first step out of the old Confederacy. In the s, local radio announcers christened DC the Chocolate City, and George Clinton and Parliament followed suit with a song and album of the same name.

He has researched, spoken and written extensively on the history of the soul-music business.

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Posted on Thursday, June 07, by joshuaclarkdavis at PM. Filed under:. You may have noticed that activity at the Carolina Soul blog has slowed down these past several months. Dubbed the Bull City Soul Revival , this collaborative effort has resulted in a concert , a series of discussions, and an exhibit, the latter of which we were a part of.

We are pleased to announce that the exhibit opens on Thursday, April 19th at the Hayti Heritage Center in Durham; more details are here. To get a taste of a selection of these songs, and more, check out our new mix at SoundCloud. In addition to images of the complete recorded output of the artists mentioned above as well as all other locals known to have cut 45s or LPs , the exhibit also displays numerous vintage advertisements, newspaper clippings, publicity materials, and other memorabilia.

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We are excited to say that some crucial last-minute additions came in just today from legendary Durham concert promoter Roosevelt Lipscomb. Two are pictured below from shows that Mr. The following excerpt touches on some personalities and establishments of the Triangle region:.

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