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Then there are the people who chill out in the slow lane, not minding that they travel behind big trucks and school buses. They often merge back and forth, making decisions based on the flow of traffic or who is in front of them. Some middle-laners also chill out, and just enjoy the drive, not worrying about the vehicles from off ramps or crazed lunatic, fast-lane drivers. Fast lane people are not always aggressive. They assume the faster car in front will get pulled over first and find comfort in keeping up the pace with peer speeders.

I am typically a fast lane driver.

Robert Pattinson: Life in the slow lane

But, I am not an aggressive one. The middle lane makes me feel claustrophobic and I worry often about vehicles changing to the middle lane from both sides.

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Until I became a city driver, I never witnessed that type of situation before, and now it makes me paranoid. If I have a choice, I drive fast. One day I know that will bite me in the ass, but I just feel more comfortable doing over the speed limit. I am cautious of not pissing others off as they approach me from behind, and will always move out of the way. However, there have been many times when people are so impatient that they show me their teeth or their middle finger as the fly past me.

I simply smile and wave. Life and people are very easily compared to driving on a freeway or busy highway. Based on my experiences with other people, and being a passenger, it is almost uncanny how driving styles are defined by the person behind the wheel. One of the most impatient people I have ever known is a guy who flies up behind unsuspecting cars, flashing headlights and even honking his horn, demanding the car ahead get the hell out his way.

Life in the Slow Lane: 37 States in 48 Days | Garden Betty

His personality is exactly that. He is a full-blown rager-on the road and in the challenges of life. In life, everything MUST go his way, revolve around him, and be about him. He also uses racist and sexist comments against other drivers, attempting to show off his superiority. It makes being a passenger a terrifying and frustrating experience.

But, in real life, he is the same way-always showing off his masculinity and prowess by diminishing others. He lives in the fast lane, but refuses to share it with others. He is the epitome of a narcissist, on or off-road. In my world, it is all about calculation and the best course of action. I dislike the middle lane, because to me the risk is higher for being involved in a wreck.

I am too fast for the slow lane, so I make compromises to get from point A to point B, as effectively as possible, in the far left lane. I will go above the speed limit, yes, but if someone chooses to go faster than me, I get out of the way as soon as I can, in order to keep the peace. More times than not, I am glared at for not moving fast enough, even when there are other vehicles in my way. Oh well. My thought process is much the same as how I drive. I will always try and complete tasks quickly, but I look for the calculated methods of HOW to take on challenges and deadlines.

I contemplate the most efficient way to get jobs done, before I tackle them. I do make mistakes in life, that is a give in.

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But, they are mistakes that are used as learning tools. Much like driving, you learn as you go. Life is exactly that — learning as we go and using our mistakes as tools to succeed. I would love to see how slow drivers navigate in their real lives. It would be interesting to know if they take everything in stride, and just chill out, waiting for the next task or project to come along.

Maybe they walk slowly through life and enjoy everything along the way. Or, perhaps they are literally terrified of everything, and choose to hide in an area where life is calmer, and slower. I only know one person who drives continually in the slow lane, and she is one of the most relaxed people I have ever known. Middle lane drivers need to be always hyper-alert. They are the people who choose to blend in where they can. They are not too slow, not too fast, and drive with vehicles on either side of them.

In life, I work with a lot of middle-laners. Fair enough.

Life In The Slow Lane Part 1 of 2

As much as I love being a fast driver, I know there are consequences. I could get a ticket, or I could lose control on bad roads. I am aware of the risks, although my attitude outweighs them. I am not arrogant about driving fast, and I know that other drivers go way faster than I do.

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Completing the projects looks even less certain in times of austerity. No, I am not.

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