Healing Relationships: A Preaching Model

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Let us try to imagine the scene described in the Gospel: Jesus, after he left the synagogue and between two wings of people, goes to the home of Simon Peter, where the mother-in-law lays in bed with fever. Immediately He heals her, taking her hand in his hand. Hand in hand as force transmitted to those who are tired or sick, as the hand of a brother and a friend that gives confidence to the brother and the friend weak or ill.

Jesus raises the Greek word is the one used by the Gospel even to speak of the resurrection the mother-in-law of Peter. Jesus raises, straightens up resurrects this woman and brings her back to her upright posture and to the pride of doing and taking care of others. The woman gets up and starts serving [2]. The Lord also takes us by hand.

Let us do the same, let us take the hand that is extended towards us. How many things a hand holds! An act like that can raise a life.

Successful Relationships | Christian Bible Studies

This, according to the Gospel of Mark, is the first miracle of Jesus, the smallest in appearance, but it tells the meaning of all the others: Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, frees us from physical and spiritual evil and makes us free so that we can do good. To serve means to love not with words, but with deeds. I think the sense of all the miracles that Jesus does is to change the life of men, to return them to themselves and to God. According to the Gospel of Mark, the first miracle of Christ is the healing of the mother-in-law of Peter, then during his public life He.

Jesus besieged by pain, in a whirlwind surge the night, outside the house of Simon Peter, the people with his pain hurries to Jesus, delivers his pain and finds life knows how to find space and time to be with the Father. For a time that I know to be short, I will not put anything ahead of you; nothing in these few minutes will come ahead of you.

How to Restore Relationships - Joyce Meyer

At the same time they mark moments of particular importance to Jesus, who knowingly fits into this plan, fully faithful to the will of the Father. Even in our prayer we must learn, more and more, to enter into this history of salvation of which Jesus is the summit, to renew before God our personal decision to open ourselves to his will and to ask him the strength to conform our will to his, in the totality of our lives, in obedience to his plan of love for us.

The prayer of Jesus touches all stages of his ministry and all his days.

Labors do not block it. The Gospels, indeed, reveal the custom of Jesus to spend part of the night in prayer. Successful Relationships As we work on our relationships, we become more and more like Jesus, which is our goal as his followers. Session One Experiencing Forgiveness Grace can help you forgive others even when you don't feel like it. Session Two Extending Acceptance Getting past the things about someone that bother you so you can love them as Jesus does.

Session Three Practicing Encouragement We influence people more than we know when we encourage them. Session Four Managing Conflict How we manage conflict affects our most important relationships. Category: Spiritual Growth. Posted: May 02, Related Bible Studies. Single in the Church Fully engaging in the church as a single person. The Bond of Friendship In our modern day of mobility and instant gratification, what might li Troubled Minds: Responding to Mental Illness Discover how the church can—and must—help those who are struggling.

Preaching Hope: Theological Reflections on the Last Sundays of the Church Year

Successful Relationships. Format: Microsoft Word. Add to Cart View Cart. Free Newsletters. This course aims to help students integrate their experience of ministry in the parish and in parachurch organizations with the theology and theory that they have taken in previous seminary training.

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Drawing on resources from several disciplines, it will introduce tools to equip congregations for effective ministry in the church and in the community. It will also help students to prepare for their first call. The course will be conducted as a seminar, requiring students to reflect deeply on their internship and contextual education experiences to present case studies and integrative reflection papers.

Field trips and interviews, films, small group work, teaching one another, class dialogue, workshops by outside resource people and reflection on key texts will be among the learning modes used. Seminary students often assume that youth ministry is an option that they do not have to take in their preparation for ordained ministry. The reality, however, awaits them when they get into the parish.

And can we honestly say as a church that we are serious about ministry to the youth in our congregations and communities and are doing something to reverse the trend of declining numbers when only a handful of graduates are trained in ministering to young people? This course introduces students to youth ministry and is intended to help them understand the nature of youth ministry. It will acquaint them with the various models of youth ministry and also equip them with the tools and resources that will help them organize and run an effective youth ministry.

Many of the people to whom we ministry have suffered various forms of trauma. This course will examine various forms of trauma such as sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence and war or terrorism. Appropriate pastoral response to trauma and its effects will be studied. Many respond to trauma by developing addictive behaviour.

This course also will look at various kinds of addictions and twelve step programs that help to heal the addictive behaviour. This course will use a seminar format with guest lecturers at various points in the course. This course examines the nature and task of Christian Education.

Jesus Sends 70 Disciples to Preach

It looks at the ways in which the church has understood Christian education. Students will learn about the various definitions and theories of Christian education. While the scope of the course will cover the theory and practice of Christian Education in general, the focus will be on how the ministry of Christian Education is understood and carried out in a congregational context.

In particular, it will examine the role of the pastor and the congregation in the educational process of the church. In terms of praxis, students will consider new models and paradigms of teaching and learning and how they can help facilitate and strengthen this ministry. They will also have the opportunity to participate in the teaching ministry of the church as part of their contextual learning experience.

Students will be encouraged to set their own goals for the course based on their perceived needs in such areas as the purpose and goals of Christian Education, educational methods and resources, developmental and faith stages of children, practice of teaching, curriculum building, intergenerational education, and issues in rural communities.

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This course assists students in developing their knowledge, skills and attitudes in offering educational experiences in congregational settings. It explores theories of adult faith development and education, styles of learning, dealing with conflict, and course design, as well as topics such as Bible study, curriculum selection, and the arts and education. Students will be expected to develop learning covenants as part of the process. Prerequisite: PE ; Parish Internship This course will focus on liturgical leadership and practice.

Attention will be given to many of the liturgical forms of worship in the Anglican Church of Canada at this time.