Good News in Gods Country

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Aly April 4, am. Ronald April 4, am. Cody April 5, am. Dude actually has a really good voice. If he wanted to, he could put out some quality material.

‘God’s Country’ co-writer Hardy talks hanging with Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

Benny Lee April 4, am. SameOld April 4, am. It clearly has wide appeal and makes me interested to see what direction his new album is going to go in. Overall, this is another Shelton single that makes me hope he turns even more traditional because he has a phenomenal voice and a lot of heart. His really bad music years seems to correspond to the years he was married to Miranda, which is interesting since she put out her best music during those same years. He can record the BEST stuff being written if he chooses to.

Ancient America

Who is he lying to? REAL country music lovers or the soccer moms buying his music? HartselleAL April 5, am.

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My problem with him is that he lets the producer take over. Harley May 14, pm.

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Ok, your not a fan! But, there are millions who are fans, love his music. To each their own. But why such insane nonsense of judgement.

Try comparing your accomplishments to his. Can you measure up? He has hit the top charts because fans of all types enjoy his music. Although their is nothing wrong with being any kind of mom! Great song! Love it! I get it the meaning. Too bad. That just your opinion. Your entitled. As are we. The Blake Shelton fans. King Honky Of Crackershire April 4, pm. Kevin Davis April 4, pm.

This is a pretty bold and genius move from Blake. Even after the first listen, my initial reaction was that this will be a hit single. Luke Combs gets that with his lyrics …the same Luke Combs that has a 1 song on Country Airplay for now six weeks. Craig Thomas April 4, pm. Paul Cummins May 24, pm. Thanks Craig. I am surprised that Blake seems to be doing that. Jon Stalnaker April 4, pm. A reader April 4, pm.

The cadence is challenging.

Impressed with the range here. Dawn Arsenault April 4, pm. Now that is a traditional country song. Conrad Fisher April 4, pm. Man I love this. I like it. Tina April 4, pm. SameOld April 4, pm. Trigger, sometimes I admire your determination; other times I pity you. Fed Up April 5, pm. There is no universe in which anyone cares about the self proclaimed King Honky. Name me a single period in history where country music was only one sound? The only thing I dislike more than a generic edm country song is your get nothing done negativity.

Garrett April 4, pm. Charlotte Jane Johnson April 4, pm.

In God's Country

I liked it a lot. Still not very far from Bro-Country which is fine by me. Bro-Country is fun. And I like my circles just fine. We appreciate the traditional stuff too.

Alex April 4, pm. Most of what I listen to is country. When I first listen to a song, I listen for the storytelling in the song and the instrumentals that give each track its own sound. Casey April 5, am. I heard this for the first time the other day. As you said…. Was surprised it was Shelton. Who knows….. Ann Stokman April 5, am. Charlie April 5, am. Or a tribute to EDM.