Freemasonry: Sketch Of Its Origin And Early Progress; Its Moral And Political Tendency

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If they wanted to keep their traditions alive, they would have to open up their ranks to outsiders. Thus, with the two groups in need of each other, the marriage was sealed.

291 Rare Old Freemasonry Books On Usb- Freemasons Masonic Secret Rituals Masonry

The operative guilds, in time, became known as speculative guilds as they were flooded by esoteric occultists. This transition from operative to Speculative Masonry took several decades to complete. The move, which began as early as the 's, culminated in the forming of the world's first Grand Lodge in London in l By way of this gradual takeover, the torch was passed to the Masonic order, with the Rosicrucians embedding themselves deep within its structure and hierarchy to become the Adepts, or the Princes of Freemasonry.

The "new" Order expanded rapidly. By the late s, it had become firmly established as an organization known for its good works, and was, for the most part, viewed favorably by the public. With the groundwork successfully laid, the Adepts were once again free to pursue their age-old ambition of re-establishing the Luciferic World Order.

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Morals and Dogma states: "The Initiates, in fact, thought in the eighteenth century that their time had arrived, some to found a new Hierarchy, others to overturn all authority, and to press down all the Social Order under the level of Equality. Toward this end, a new ultra-secret society was formed, enlisting in its ranks members from the highest degrees of the Masonic Order.

This Order within an Order would come to be known as the Illuminati. Mackey, describes the Illuminati as a "secret society, founded on May 1, , by Adam Weishaupt who was professor of canon law at the [Jesuit-controlled] University of Ingolstadt" Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Mackey p.


In his biographical sketch of the Jew Weishaupt, Mackey opens with the following words, "He is celebrated in the history of Masonry as the founder of the Order of Illuminati of Bavaria" Ibid. Mackey later adds, "His ambition was, I think, a virtuous one; that it failed was his, and perhaps the world's misfortune" Ibid. The Council of 13 heading up the plan for world hegemony are signified by the 13 layers of masonry portrayed on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States and printed on the U.

Any lingering doubts I had over whether the Order was Masonically inspired were removed when I discovered that H. Haywood, another highly esteemed Masonic historian, also included Weishaupt's biography in his book Famous Masons and Masonic Presidents. Weishaupt's esteemed summary is one of only one hundred biographical sketches appearing in the book, indicating that he had to have been a very prominent Mason H.

John Robison, an eighteenth century historian and a prominent Mason, was entrusted with some of the original documents and correspondence of the Illuminati. In his book, Proofs of a Conspiracy, written in , he reproduced major segments of the Illuminati's original writings. Robison stated, "the express aim of the Order was to abolish Christianity, and overturn all civil government" John Robison, Proofs of a Conspiracy. Boston: Western Islands, , p. He went on to quote Weishaupt as stating that the plan for a New World Order can succeed "in no other way but by secret associations, which will by degrees, and in silence, possess themselves of the government of the States, and make use of those means for this purpose.

Using deception and intrigue, Weishaupt and his inner circle of adepts succeeded at gaining the support of Germany's Masonic lodges. Mackey admits to the initial success of the Illuminati, commenting: The Order was at first very popular, and enrolled no less than two thousand names upon its registers, among whom were some of the most distinguished men of Germany. In , at the Masonic Congress of Wilhelmsbad, Weishaupt's Illuminati solidified its position among Europe's secret societies as the undisputed leader of the occult one-world movement.

Around the same time, Weishaupt also succeeded at forging an alliance between Illuminized Freemasonry and the growing Rothschild banking network, thereby giving the Order the financial means to begin to carry out its plans Webster, World Revolution, p. As a result of this alliance with the international financiers, the Freemasons regained the banking prominence once held by the Templars, and the Illuminati gained momentum.

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Haywood observes, "It took root, it grew, it flourished, it gathered into itself more men of royal and noble titles than were possessed by the Hohenzollern family; even the Jesuits joined it" Haywood, Famous Masons and Masonic Presidents, Although Weishaupt's Illuminati was exposed within ten years, he had accomplished more to further "the plan" during this time than all of Freemasonry's efforts of the previous fifty years combined. One reason for his success was that he had gotten many Christian leaders to join the Order by convincing them that the Illuminati was a Christian organization purposed to unify the world for the sake of Christ.

Spartacus sent him the materials, and Philo worked them up.

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This apostate teaching, which was presented to Christian initiates, was explained by Von Knigge: "Jesus Christ established no new Religion; he would only set Religion and Reason in their ancient rights. For this purpose he would unite men in a common bond. He would fit them for this by spreading a just morality, by enlightening the understanding, and by assisting the mind to shake off all prejudices.

He would teach all men, in the first place, to govern themselves.


Rulers would then be needless, and equality and liberty would take place without any revolution, by the natural and gentle operation of reason and expediency. This great Teacher allows himself to explain every part of the Bible in conformity to these purposes; and he forbids all wrangling among his scholars, because every man may there find a reasonable application to his peculiar doctrines. Let this be true or false, it does not signify. This was a simple Religion and it was so far inspired; but the minds of his hearers were not fitted for receiving doctrines.

I told you, said he, but you could not bear it. Many therefore were called, but few were chosen. To these elect were entrusted the most important secrets; and even among them there were degrees of information. There was a seventy, and a twelve. All this was in the natural order of things, and according to the habits of the Jews, and indeed of all antiquity.

The Jewish Theosophy was a mystery; like the Eleusinian, or the Pythagorean, unfit for the vulgar, and thus the doctrines of Christianity were these they were maintained, like the Vestal Fire. They were kept up, only in hidden societies, who handed them down to posterity, and they are now possessed by the genuine Free Masons.

In fact their every move was designed by Weishaupt to nudge the Illuminists one step closer to world domination" Webster, World Revolution, p. I can think of more than a few Christian leaders who could learn a lesson from this. Christian unity is not something that can be organized; it comes naturally among those who share a common love for Christ. It has been used for centuries to try to further the cause of world government. As long as Christians do NOT unite with the peoples of other religions, there can be no world government.

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This unwillingness of Christians to compromise their faith has been the chief obstacle for the conspirators. Weishaupt received a special thrill out of being able to deceive Christians in this fashion. On one occasion, after having persuaded a Protestant leader to join his "unification effort," he wrote: "You can't imagine what respect and curiosity my priest-degree has raised; and, which is wonderful, a famous Protestant divine, who is now of the Order, is persuaded that the religion contained in It is the true sense of Christianity. Who would imagine that I was to be the founder of a new religion.

Although the Illuminati's efforts officially ceased in the s, unofficially its agenda continued to move forward through the network of Illuminized Masonic lodges that had already been set in place. The main catalyst for this continued drive seemed to come from the Grand Orient Lodge of France, and later on, from the Masonic leaders of Italy and the United States.

On American Soil Already dominating the political affairs of Europe, the Masonic Order had made significant progress in the United States by the late s. In fact, many of this country's political founding fathers were Masons. Most of them, like George Washington, were decent men who knew of no higher aims of the Order and who even spoke out against the activities of the Illuminati.

However, with the Masonic lodges having gained acceptance in America, the Illuminati finally had in place the network through which it could recruit members and carry on its work. In , the Northern Supreme Council was established as an extension of the Charleston group. The Northern Jurisdiction today consists of fifteen states and is headquartered in Boston.

The Southern Jurisdiction whose headquarters have been relocated from Charleston to Washington, DC, covers the remaining thirty-five states, the District of Columbia, the U. The tremendous potential of the United States somehow had to be harnessed and brought under control if the plan for a New World Order was ever to succeed. Therefore, during the s, as the U. Freemasonry experienced tremendous growth during the nineteenth century, particularly during the second half of the century when Freemasonry flourished as never before.

This was also a time of rapid growth for Masonically-inspired religious cults. In addition to founding the Theosophical Society, Freemasonry participated in the rise and spread of Christian Science and Unitarianism; and Masons Rutherford and Russell founded the Jehovah's Witnesses. The largest of these religious offshoots, however, would be the Mormon Church, which was founded by Joseph Smith, another high ranking Mason. Smith was already heavily into the occult prior to becoming a Mason and had published his book of Mormon in , some twelve years before joining the Order.

However, on 15 March, , Smith received his first degree in Freemasonry, and he was raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason on the very next day. As taken from History of the Church [D. Into the fabric of Freemasonry he wove his own peculiar brand of occultism, claiming it to be "revelation" from on high. Brigham Young, the other significant early Mormon leader, was also a Mason and contributed to the rise of this occult hierarchy W. Several books have been written during the past few years by former Mormons, exposing the connection between Mormonism and Freemasonry, included among these are What's Going On in There?

These books reveal how Mormonism's Masonic heritage is reflected in everything from its symbols to its rituals and secret doctrines. Mormonism today has over four million members, and is, per capita the wealthiest "church" in the world. By the late s, Freemasonry had grown so large that it had become inefficient and difficult to manage.

Strange Heartland History: Masons, Murder and the First American Third Party Movement

Its many divisions, sects, and rites lacked a sense of unity and direction. Thus, in an effort to centralize the authority of Universal Freemasonry a new ultra-secret governing body was established on 20 September Miller, Occult Theocracy, p. This represented the first major restructuring or perestroika of Illuminized Freemasonry.

At the center of this creation was Albert Pike, who stated: "The blind Force of the people is a Force that must be economized, and also managed. It must be regulated by Intellect Intellect here is a reference to the Illuminati or the highest adepts of Freemasonry ,. It is because Force is ill regulated that revolutions prove failures. Pike would end up doing more than any other figure of the nineteenth century to prepare the way for this "great" revolution of which he spoke.

Pike was born in Boston in He "lived and talked Indian, taught a backwoods school, studied law, got admitted to the bar, [and] joined the Confederate Army," where he served as Brigadier-General Haywood, Famous Masons and Masonic Presidents, p. Following the war "he located in Washington, D. Haywood describes Pike as "a powerful orator of the antique type who could hold an audience for four hours at a stretch" Haywood, Famous Masons and Masonic Presidents, p.

Haywood continues, "He taught himself ancient languages; made a specialty of Zoroastrianism and its "Zend Avesta"; read continually but never read anything below the greatest" Ibid.


Pike was a literary genius with the ability to read and write in sixteen ancient languages Kirban, Satan's Angels Exposed, p. Mackey says of Pike, "His standing as a Masonic author and historian, and withal as a poet, and his untiring zeal was without parallel.