Forged With Fire, Creativity and the Creative Spirit

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At the end of the workshop you will leave with your own hand forged knife. Jared is a blacksmith and bladesmith from Pittsburgh, PA. He is the owner and operator of Artifact Metalworks LLC and his blades are sought after by collectors around the country. Jared has been instructing bladesmithing workshops at Touchstone for several years. Join Makena and learn basic forging techniques tapering, twisting, bending, and riveting in order to produce a functional, forged steel trivet.

Basic design and ways to incorporate your own personal style will be covered. Explore the Fun in the fundamentals of forging. You will start with lighting a coal fire and work through the principles of moving hot metal. Learn about the various tools in the shop as you forge functional or sculptural pieces.

Explore your creativity and walk away with finished pieces. Andy custom makes window grills, gates, railings, and sculptural ironwork in and around Philadelphia. He studied with and alongside other metals artists at John C.

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The hunting knife is also an excellent project to learn and practice the fundamentals of bladesmithing. Throughout the five days of this course you will forge, heat treat, grind, and finish your own blades, furnishing those blades with finger guards and hardwood handles. You will gain a solid understanding of hidden-tang knife design and construction and begin to develop a critical eye for what makes a good knife.

In the end, you will leave with a completed knife. Have fun forging, try new things, and challenge yourself!

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Repetition is a useful design element as well as a path to hone skills and create muscle memory. You will begin by practicing forging on variations of small household objects. Discussions and demonstrations about design, layout, and connections will follow and lead to more challenging techniques and forging practices.

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By the end, you will have designed and completed a rack of hooks, fire tool set, three-legged stool, or suitable project in consultation with the instructor. Greg started his career in blacksmithing at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. In , he established Transit Forge in northwestern Pennsylvania, where he generates a variety of sculptural, functional and architectural metalwork from his shop in Cambridge Springs.

His work synthesizes traditional forging skills and industrial fabrication techniques with a contemporary aesthetic.

Sonoran Glass School

Join other teens learning the basics of forging beautiful steel objects in a fun, enthusiastic, and inclusive environment! Throughout the week Anna will guide you through proper techniques of swinging a hammer at the anvil and working a coal forge, while covering forging techniques such as tapering, twisting, bending, and spreading steel.

These basic skills and techniques will allow you to complete a variety of projects and create your own unique works of art and functional objects. Anna has a passion for teaching blacksmithing and showing beginner smiths the many different possibilities the medium has to offer.

Her personal work focuses mainly on tool and utensil making, combining functionality with a refined, delicate aesthetic. She has taught blacksmithing at a variety of craft schools including Peters Valley and Touchstone. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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Come learn the art of blacksmithing in a fun, enthusiastic, and inclusive environment! Pound out the stress of the year as you learn to properly swing a hammer at the anvil, work a coal forge, and have fun forging hot steel! Throughout the week techniques such as tapering, twisting, bending, and spreading steel will be covered in order to give you the skills to complete a variety of projects. In the end, everyone will walk away with their own hand forged objects and the skills and knowledge to forge ahead and continue exploring blacksmithing.

Explore and be inspired by the natural surroundings of Touchstone with expert guidance from Powdermill Nature Reserve Environmental Educators and Naturalists. Once inspired, Glenn will guide you through forging leaves, flowers, vines, and even some small critters. Techniques such as drawing out, twisting, scrolling, and working with chisels will be covered. In addition, tool making will be demonstrated and discussed as a means to develop your designs. Glenn grew up in West Virginia and has been forging metal since high school. Glenn is a well-sought after instructor and was the Touchstone Artist of the Year.

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He has been sharing his knowledge and making custom forged work since Be inspired by history and push your design into the future. Forge and file a hacksaw frame incorporating decorative elements inspired by saw frames used by locksmiths and surgeons in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Your own creative variations will be encouraged. Get technical — the large collar in the octagonal center section will be forge-welded and the smaller beads will be filed; the bolster at the handle will be forge-brazed to the ferrule as well as the frame.

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Since picking up a hammer in the early s, Tom has been more inspired by what was accomplished by hand tools more than years ago than the potential of modern power. He and his wife have had a shop in Pepin, WI since , repairing antiques and producing their own creations employing design vocabularies from various historic traditions. Incorporate a variety of fundamental forging techniques, as you produce a series of hooks and attach them to a forged backing plate to create a functional wall-mounted coat rack.

This is a great project for any skill level as it can be simplified or complicated to your liking and abilities. An Exploration of the Creative Process: The Art of Fiction Writing by writing coach and novelist, Emily Hanlon is a course in creating flesh and blood characters from the imagination.

Her work as a creativity coach is based on her belief that the multifaceted journey of creativity is not limited to the arts, but nurtures life at its most profound depths. The creative journey is a template for leading a more creatively fulfilling, aware and meaningful life. Sarah Spelbring on May 10,. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

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