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Absolutely worth the credit.

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Just sad to see this series end. I laughed ,I cried, I cried while laughing. The narrators did an amazing job of bringing this story to life. Getting to hear the ful circle story for Cooper and Todd aka Laney and Evan was great. So thanks to the author, and narrators for bringing to life for the rest of us. I almost didn't listen to this last book in the series This book had some of the best lines ever You will.

I am just saying, you will get a big update of the whole crew, 25 years later They are already married and have kids. Hall change it up on the last book but I dig that. Once again, the audio narrators are amazing!!!!! I started this series because I read Embody and had to go back to where it all began. After the first book I went on a binge listen and couldn't stop! It was a great ride and I enjoyed every minute. I laughed and cried, sometimes in the same chapter and that's why it rates five beautiful stars. Do yourself a favor and give this series a try it's well worth the time.

Thank you for making the audio available for free with the book! Love this series. I gave 5 stars cause of story was very good. But i was bit confused, i read book3 then continued to book4. All of sudden , they have grown children!! All in all love love their stories. Their parts really irritated me and I just felt like they were a little over the top and just plain got on my nerves.

I was very confused at first about who this book was about but was extremely happy with the outcome. It's the destiny of what life's sense of humor for Laney and Evan plays out for their children. Having read and re-read this book several times, I have to admit to embarrassingly laughing out loud numerous times during the audio version, sprinkled with spurts of giggles throughout.

The wedding was hilarious, as Sawyer Beckett was more Sawyer than ever before. The special side story of the red-headed beauty, Bennett and the chunky Zach, was awesome. The narrator's certainly gave Ms Hall's book an excellent seasoning punch!!! I'm in no way an overly emotional person, with that said I found myself choking up throughout this book! The multi points of view with gender accurate readers makes you feel as if your listening to an actual movie only better because you can use your own imagination.

I'm such a fan of S. Hall and have read every book in this series. Now I'm actually excited for the next generation even though I'm so sad to see the end to all the antics and angst of these characters. I can't recommend this series enough. If you've never been a fan of series romance stories, or even if you are a fan, S. Hall's books will never disappoint! I loved the main characters, the supporting characters, the storylines.

Great job S E Hall!

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I listened and mostly enjoyed the other books in this series. There were parts where they were just a little too saccharine for me but I know that's a personal taste thing, not to mention par for the course with many romance novels. This last book though Let's start with the good bits. And they are a riot! I must confess, there are loads of narrator's listed. I could only really detect one So all this is going on and I was happily enjoying the story line and really looking forward to seeing everyone in a whole new setting Don't get me wrong, I was born and raised in the Caribbean to the ripe 'old' age of 26 when I moved to the UK and I've been here for over a decade now.

Nov 03, Kim rated it it was amazing Shelves: stars.

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They are leaving dorm life and curfews behind. Laney and Dane are having fun doing home improvement projects, making bets, and christening all the rooms in her new place. Their relationship just keeps getting stronger and hotter. They are devoted, passio 4. They are devoted, passionate, and loving. They truly compliment one another well even though Laney is spirited, opinionated, and often challenges Dane. Laney has really come into her own in this series. She is becoming more assertive and confident.

She resists his help at times and is definitely not after his money.

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And she is also caring and supportive. Dane struggles a bit that he has to run a company while all of his friends are in school and living what feels like a "younger" lifestyle. Dane is such an awesome boyfriend. He is thoughtful, romantic, generous, mature, and completely enamored of Laney. But he is also still an alpha type male that is protective, bossy, and likes control.

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You can really feel how close they are in this one. They have become such a sweet, strong couple. As have some of the other couples that have formed in the crew. Only Dane makes me forget that not too long ago I was simply a girl; a scared, unsure, shy girl a long way from home. With him, as his, I am anything but.

He revealed the true me--a confident, sensual woman ready to embrace all that makes me feel alive. That nothing can touch us, we are unbreakable. I found some of their hidden inner monologues funny and entertaining. They seriously had me laughing at how they thought they were getting things over on the other one.

And Sawyer and Bennett are always good for some laughs too. And they did not disappoint. You screw with one of us, you screw with all of us. Hall's writing just draws you in and you feel like you are part of the group. This novella was short, but was humorous and heartfelt. What I love about this series is the crew They are a tight knit bunch who stands together and truly makes a family. They support each other, but also tease each other. They have really shown growth during the series. They have few secrets from each other so when one of them does, it becomes a big deal.

And Sawyer is being mysterious.

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This novella transitions into his book and I am looking forward to his story that was also hinted at the end of Embrace. So bring on Sawyer! And more of the progression of the relationships with the rest of the crew. They are all growing up and have more stories to tell. We're all just one, big, crazy, loving extended family Life is good. Thanks to SE Hall for providing me with an arc in exchange for an honest review. Will be posted at Reviews by Tammy and Kim. Nov 14, Feisty Girls rated it it was amazing. The story revolves mostly around Dane and Laney.