Broken Hearted Blues

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Recorded at the peak of his career in and The 16 selections include his two biggest hits, Hello Central and Coffee Blues. Over six decades he performed live and recorded for more than 30 years, building up a music catalog which was bigger than most of his counterparts. He was also recognized as a great blues storyteller and although his guitar method was considered unconventional, he will be remembered for his unbeatable authenticity. Born in , his dad was a musician who died when Sam was a child.

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His older brother taught him how to play that homemade guitar before his mom inspired him to play the organ at her home church services. If you are interested in using one of our songs in an animated toy, musical greeting card, lyrical t-shirt, or other type of merchandise, we would be more than happy to consider the possibility of clearing the use.

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Broken Hearted Blues

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Marc Bolan - Broken Hearted Blues [Acoustic]

Full Statutory Reduced Rate. Broken Hearted Blues Lyrics This is a song, that I wrote when I was young And I call it, the broken hearted blues The air on that night, was tempered like a knife And the people wore the face masks of a clown Don he was long, mis-shapen and forlorn And his woman ran away without a smile Days of the earth, are unbroken changeless turf But the faces of the men are something else In the wind, as a boy, was a spacious sexual toy But baby, now he's a toothless baggy man When the hills of the sun, make you feel that you are young Get good now, and face your face into the wind This is a song, that I wrote when I was young And I called it the broken hearted blues.

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Release Date January 28, Tanx T. Tenement Lady. Mister Mister. Broken Hearted Blues.

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