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Nature is very effective. The sergeant glanced from the suspect to the tape recording the interview.

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Just to make sure. One time he had forgotten to record a confession. It happens. Other cars would be there soon but he wanted to be there first, to see. The car door clunked shut and his attention was caught by a cat scampering towards him. Ebooks and Manuals

The tabby jumped onto the bonnet of his car, desperate for affection and probably for food. He stroked it for a second and noticed its healthy coat, its bright new collar. He looked up at the house in front of him and took his notebook out of his shirt pocket, flipping it open as he did so. He read carefully and was about to make his way inside when he noticed the house stood alone. I see them coming and going, see She sweeping in and storming out.

And I hear them. The music, as I may have mentioned was fucking appalling. He was so bad at it. She seemed to make the best of it but, to be honest, He was the worst I had ever heard. And it has to be pointed out at this point that I was single so I was in no real position to criticise. However, single or no everyone knows bad fucking when you hear it. Two hours of foreplay followed with She slowly marinating in the attention.

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I gazed from behind the veil of muslin struggling with the inner turmoil of whether or not it constituted an invasion of privacy if I only took photos of her on my phone. By the time dusk came I was almost ready to do the same myself. She started to make moves towards going inside, putting her magazine to one side, stretching. When He arrived home and kissed She with a passion I thought only I had for her I felt almost voyeuristic. I was all set to turn to my imagination to finish what she had started in my boxers when it started. Slowly at first.

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The thumping rhythm of love. Right from the moment they got inside. On eBay. I felt like a better person, it was as if I was walking around draped in a spiritual blanket. Soon after my actions became somewhat erratic and, believing that I would be immune from eternal damnation, got involved in something that not only tarnished the soul I had bought but also cast a pretty dark shadow over my own. I knew I needed more protection and so hit upon the idea of setting up my own website. It was a simple enough affair where people could come along, fill in their name, address, email address and check a box to say they wished to give me their immortal soul for perpetuity.

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So that they felt I offered a better deal than other sites of a similar nature I put in a clause by which they could retain their soul until their death, whereupon the soul would revert to me. What they got in return was whatever they wished for. In theory. People came, of course.